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COMMUNITY | Taylor Ford

Sometimes we carry things we were never intended to carry alone. We carry things like guilt, disappointment, anxiety, anger, and fear. These are real things may even cause sleepless nights. It is not God’s heart that we carry these things with the brunt of our own faith.

The burdens we carry have a destination. For example, anxiety if not dealt with could lead to the destination of fear. Or anger if not careful could lead to the destination of isolation. Or even guilt, if not dealt with could lead to a stagnant faith. But for the Jesus follower, there is a better destination for our burdens - nailed to the cross. The cross where Jesus said “It is finished.” The cross that Jesus carried so we didn’t have to. The cross of freedom.

Here is a reflection for today though, how do we get them to the cross? We go together. The

things I carry, the things you carry are too big to carry alone. Together we bear the weight and life gets lighter for each of us. Not always easier, just lighter. The fear I feel is to big to carry alone, but I’m thankful I have a friend who can carry enough of if for me to see the light of faith ahead of me.

This is why community is so important to the Christian. We can carry our own stuff all of our

lives, but it won’t make us stronger. No, it will make us more tired. But, when we can have a

group of friends around us helping carry our stuff to the cross, oh the life we feel, it gets lighter. On top of that, the purpose we feel when we get to help others carry their burdens is beautiful.

Your friends are waiting to help you carry your weight, they love you. They can’t change you,

but they can go with you as you go to Jesus together; and he can change you today.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. – Galatians 6:2