• Rooted Team

PRAYER | Matthew 18:3 | Pastor Mary

When faced with fear, it's amazing how trusting a child will be, if they are in the presence of a loved one. A simple "please don't leave me till I fall asleep" helps them be at peace. Trusting the loved one to do as they say, "of course, I'll stay. There's nothing to be afraid of, really."

Then we grow up and when fear hits us, we fight independently against the inner battle raging within, trying to convince ourselves "there's nothing to be afraid of, really." Why does it become so hard to turn to a loved one and say, "please don't leave me till I fall asleep?" Better yet, why is it difficult to turn to the one who loves us best and most, our Heavenly Father, and in prayer express our deepest fear, our deepest need and or deepest longings?”

I would propose that this is why we should become like little children and, through prayer, learn to trust our heavenly Father with the emotions we feel deep within. Instead of feeling proud, or self-reliant, through prayer, we decide to be vulnerable and real with God. This may create more fear than the initial emotion, but the intimacy it brings between two close friends, or a loved one, is worth the risk. In turn, through prayer we begin to feel safe and loved by God.

We must also remember that prayer is simply communicating with our Heavenly Father. An exchange of listening and talking. Prayer can happen throughout our day and includes anything and everything we would tell our best friend or closest family member. It also includes being quiet and listening. The beauty is that during these moments, our Heavenly Father reminds us to become like his little children; totally dependent upon him and expectant of his desire to meet our needs and ease our fears.

Prayer develops intimacy with our heavenly Father who holds our days in the palm of His hand. Prayer truly dispels fear and through prayer, we learn to trust; we learn to be childlike. (Matthew 18:3)