• Rooted Team


In sharing my story in Rooted, although difficult and heartbreaking, helped me to recognize that healing was taking place. Even in our brokenness, although we still hurt, we could see where God had brought us through some of the most difficult times in our life. 

When preparing to share my story, I was filled with fear, that my story would be too much, too hard, maybe no one would really understand. The journey was (and is) messy! Strangely

enough after practicing my story, it was our resiliency that stood out. I began to understand

that my story could be interpreted as a survival story. We not only survived, be began to

thrive. In what seemed to be the worst of life. Instead of fear, I began to feel like this story, my story, could possibly help someone else, understand loss, grief, love, and life.

The transparency that I once would have run from, was so different now.  I could show someone that it wasn’t the end, it truly was the beginning of a journey that has changed every part of me. In recounting my story I realized our loss was part of my catalyst of change. God knew that I could be more, do more, with my whole heart, not just a portion of it. In many ways, my story shaped how I would relate, how I would love, how I would survive, how I would lead the rest of my days.

Relationship with my God, and the people placed in it, became first place on my list.

Educating myself on all aspects of depression, anxiety, suicide and loss, became so important to my journey to help people experiencing those things, or dealing with understanding those things in the people they love. 

Daniel 4:2 “ It has seemed good to me to show the signs and wonders that the Most High God has done for me”